Apply for PG Certificate / PG Diploma / Masters / MPhil in Business Economics / PhD Management
(These courses will be advertised annually or once in two years )

Apply for MPhil / PhD
(Applicant can apply on any day)

The application/enrollment procedure is provided below for postgraduate courses conducted by Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Research-based programs leading to MPhil and PhD titularies require the following application procedure:

  • A proposal for the intended research program requires to be formulated with the assistance of the principal investigator/mentor under whom the research program will be conducted at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.
    Entitlements for the applicant to come up with the research proposal, independently/autonomously too is furnished here.
  • Using the correct digital portal, the candidate is asked to fill the due application form.
  • Please note that the filled application form should be downloaded.
  • Once the following documents are provided to the Faculty of Graduate Studies, the enrollment process of the candidate will begin.
    • Certified copies of the degree certificate and detailed certificate/Transcript

If the applicant gain the degree from a foreign university, then the applicant need to submit a UGC recognition letter

  • A certified birth-certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae/s of the research supervisor(s)/mentor(s)
  • The hard copy of the application form signed by the relevant Head of the Department, research supervisor(s) and the applicant
  • A printed copy of the research proposal signed by both principal research supervisor and the applicant
  • A color photograph (3.5 X 4.5 cm)
  • Documents pertaining to the disclosure of relevant work experience (if relevant)
  • A letter for the cessation of work from the current employer (if relevant)
  • The research proposal will be given to a panel of two expert members for their review and observations. Following which, any of the below verdicts will be furnished to the applicant.
    • The acceptance of the research proposal without modifications
    • The acceptance of the research proposal subjected to some modifications
    • The non-acceptance of the research proposal
  • If the research proposal is accepted without modifications, then the applicant need not resubmit the proposal for further consideration.
  • If the research proposal is deemed fitting for subsequent revisions, then the applicant need to integrate the proposed modifications and resubmit the proposal with the research supervisor’s consent.
  • A letter informing the payment fee and structure of the postgraduate program under consideration, will be sent to the applicant in due course.
  • Following the payment of the due course fee, the applicant will be committed to registration at the Faculty of Graduate Studies under the nominated research program.

Submitting Progress Reports

  • Every six months, a progress report of the research performed in the last demi-year requires to be submitted which will be sent to a panel of two experts for adjudication of suitability/relevancy of the work covered under the research program.
  • Every year the candidate/research scholar requires to pay an enrollment fee as payment for the ongoing research program.