Humanities and Social Sciences Ethics Review Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies (HSSERC, FGS) in ensuring safeguard the dignity, rights, safety and wellbeing of all actual or potential research participants and ensure that all are treated humanely. The ERC-HSS should ensure the full review and evaluation of all ethical aspect of the research proposals it receives before they are carried out to make sure they follow ethical guidelines. The tasks of the ERC-HSS should be executed free of bias and influence. Improve quality, legitimacy and credibility of the research in the area of social science and humanities, preserve and promote the autonomy of research though the observance of ethics, ethical values and ethical self-regulations, conduct timely research in the right direction are the main objectives of HSSERC of the FGS. Humanities and Social Sciences research involves very different degrees of interactions/intrusions with/on the research participants, the ethical review of such proposals would be facilitated if these aspects were considered appropriately.