PhD Programme in Management


Demonstrating the academic orientation, the FMSC commenced the PhD Programme in Management with the intention to enhance boundaries of knowledge creation and dissemination. The PhD Programme in Management aims at finding solutions for problems with the purpose of improving the body of knowledge of management and/or addressing current problems or enhancing relevant phenomena in the practice, particularly in the Sri Lankan practice of Management, and also applying interdisciplinary knowledge in the social sciences to management problems. Its flexible approach encourages students to develop their own interests by pursuing students in a stimulating faculty environment that provides wide-ranging expertise and research experience. The broader objectives of the PhD program include the development of an indigenous body of knowledge on management practices in Sri Lanka, the development of models or frameworks which are more suitable for Sri Lankan organizational management, and the promotion of a culture conducive to high-quality research and scientific thinking in the public and private sectors in Sri Lanka.

Aims and Objectives

The purpose of the PhD Programme in Management is to produce top/experienced managers and management consultants and researchers to contribute significantly to institutional development as well as human development and help academics to become better academicians and increase the quality and relevance of their teaching and research in Management Studies.

Eligibility for Registration

The PhD programme seeks prospective students with an excellent scholastic background and interest in Management related research. The doctoral candidates should have an outstanding academic record and a genuine interest in undertaking research. To be eligible for registration applicants must satisfy one of the following admission requirements.

  1. Master of Philosophy degree in Management/ Management related discipline
  2. Master’s degree in Management/ Management related discipline
  3. Master’s degree or a higher degree in any field from a recognized University with a minimum of three (3) years of managerial-level work experience


The duration of the PhD Programme is three academic years. Those who are unable to complete the Degree within three years can extend up to 6 years after paying the additional fees and on the recommendation of the supervisors, subject to approval by the Board of Studies.

Program Structure

The structure of the program is as follows:

Year 1 Semester 1
Course on Research Methodology (Compulsory for all students.)
  Semester 2
Develop the detailed research proposal with the assistance of the supervisor/s.
Year 2 Semester 1
Proposal defenses
  Semester 2
Proceed with their research work
Year 3 Semester 1
Proceed with their research work
  Semester 2
Proceed with their research work

Compulsory Research Methodology Courses

  • Qualitative Management Research,
  • Quantitative Management Research,
  • Advanced Statistics in Research, and
  • Seminars in Management Research

Evaluation Policy

*The candidate should follow the courses in Research Methodology in the First Semester and obtain at least 50 marks (B-) for all of them.

There will be an assessment for the respective courses. The marks of the assessments will be considered in fulfillment of the upgrading requirements.

Evaluation of the course will be carried out through a series of continuous assessments, which include critical essays, concept papers, critical reviews of literature and presentations, etc.

Course Fee

Application Fees 1,000.00
Registration Fees (LKR 5.000 per year) 15,000.00
Course Fees (first three years): Includes lecture fee. research overhead costs during the three years. 900,000.00
(300,000 per year)
Library Fees (LKR 5,000 per year) 15,000.00
Library deposit (LKR 5,000) 5,000.00
 4th Year is the grace period, only LKR 25,000 will be charged to cover administrative expenses.                                
5th Year 50,000.00
6th Year 50,000.00
The library deposit of Rs 5000 is refundable at the end of the program.

For further details, please contact

Senior Professor R.L.S. Fernando, PhD
Coordinator- PhD Programme in Management
Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Tel: 0112803976/ 0718289575
E-mail:, admincorphd.mgt@admin

Mrs. Charya G. Balasooriya
Assistant Registrar
Faculty of Graduate Studies
University of Sri Jayewardenepura
Tel: 0115523642