Plagiarism Inspection

Faculty of Graduate Studies, University of Sri Jayewardenepura checks the Similarities in Thesis / Dissertation / Manuscripts and other documents using Turnitin (

Students of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and supervisors can check similarities from the FGS.

For the Thesis/Dissertation, send one document (either word document or pdf file) from the Abstract to Conclusion Chapter (last chapter before the references chapter) excluding front pages (table of contents, acknowledgement, etc.), references chapter & appendices.

For a research paper/ manuscript, send the full paper.

Do not highlight any word/words when you are sending. Also please remove markups in the word document if you have included.

Please send an email to Mr. Atheeq ( with the following details in the email body. (not in the subject field)

  • Name with initials
  • Registration number – as in the student’s registration book
  • Title of the Thesis/Dissertation

If the Similarity Index is higher than the 25% (maximum level), we do not accept Thesis/Dissertation. We ask students to edit the document and resend it. If you are resending please send with the details in the email body.

It may take one day to send a report.

If you have any queries, please contact 0762242138 / 0112881565 /