Postgraduate Diploma in Writership and Communication

The Course covers all aspects of Communication Journalism, Radio Broadcasting, Television Broadcasting, Translation, Editing and Publishing etc. in addition to different aspects of writing. This course provides an excellent opportunity to graduates to receive intensive writership and communication through judicious exposure to various subjects such as the Constitution, Politics, Philosophy, Sociology, Arts and Crafts of Newspaper and Magazine Journalism, Feature Writing and Language Skills, Mass Media and Society, Advertising and Public Relations, Broadcast Journalism, Reporting, Editing, Radio and Television Production, Cultural and other contemporary trends in Journalism, Media Analysis & Research Methodology.

Objectives/ Graduate Profile
The postgraduate student who completes the degree will be able to;
• Acquire a good command of the language, its correct usage and an orientation towards the critical appreciation of Art
• Acquire a sound knowledge in theory and practical aspects of communication

Professional and Employment Opportunities
Opportunities may be available to function as a professional journalists/editor, communication experts/coordinators in the electronic or printed media field in the Government sector. Openings in the foreign service may also be available.

Admission Requirements
To be eligible for admission to this program, an applicant must possess one of the following qualifications;
a. A Bachelor’s Degree with at least 30 credits worth of teaching/learning in creative writing, translation, journalism or associated with radio/television
b. A Bachelor’s Degree with at least two years’ experience in creative writing, journalism, radio broadcasting, television broadcasting and translation.
c. Completion of NVQ level 7 (B. Tech.) as determined by the University

Course Duration: One year

Medium of Instruction: English

Course Description

*Under this category creative literary works such as novel, novella, collection of poetry, collection of short stories, original script of a drama, a work of translation, a collection of photographs also may be considered for the award of the above Diploma. Subjects with the credits worth of 25 need to be selected from the above. The balance courses other than the compulsory category can be selected from the optional courses.

Candidate’s performance at each course unit is assessed and graded through theory examinations and continuous assessments during and at the end of the semester. Each course unit is consisted of a theory exam and continuous assessment.

The pass mark is 50% and the candidate should pass all the course units including the independent dissertation. A viva voce examination will be held for the dissertation for which candidate should obtain more than 50%. The final mark is calculated from the evaluation of the report and performance at the viva.

Repeating the course units
A candidate who is unable to sit for the course unit examination can repeat the examination. Except for medical reasons the maximum mark that can be obtained is 50%. For further details please refer paragraph under “Repeating the course units” in page 29.

Awarding the Post Graduate Diploma
Candidate should pass all the courses and should possess a minimum GPA of 2.7 for a total of at least 25 credits worth courses. A merit pass will be given if the overall average marks exceed 80%.

Payment Plan
The full amount of the course fee should be paid at the time of registration.